National Church Safety Network, Inc. provides practical training programs for your Church’s Safety and Security concerns. 

These programs can be customized to your Church’s needs in your safety ministry.  The training will be done at your location and specific to your Churches needs and time frame.  So if you need specialized training for your safety team on a special area of concern, but only have two (2) hours to devote to it---NCSN can make that happen for you.  Remember--- “Its all about  p r o t e c t i n g   the   s h e e p.”

Our training includes:  (but NOT limited to)

  • How to Start a Church Safety team
  • How to Write the Written Plan
  • Overview of the Different Safety Teams and their Duties
  • Annual Training and Review
  • Specific Training for:

-- Parking Lot Attendants
-- Greeters
-- Ushers
-- Youth Pastors Concerns
-- Women’s Ministries
-- Senior’s Events
-- Office Staff
-- Counting Team

Sign Up today by completing a Training Request form by clicking on the training link provided.  This request form will notify me of your Church’s intent for me come to your Church and help your safety team “protect your sheep.”

Schedule Training with NCSN