National Church Safety Network is a national networking system for churches to come together to discuss safety concerns and receive **Within the Fold--- Alerts**  or  **Porter---Alerts**


* Password to exclusive Member’s only pages

* Members only Church Discussions by subject

* Members only - Group Discussion by divisions

* Outlines of “Take A Stand” Meetings - 2015

* Notification of Training Seminars

* Educational Training discounts for NCSN Conferences & Workshops

* Resource Library  [ coming soon ]




ALL **Alerts** or discussions or groups (Within the Fold or Porter Alerts) systems

 do  NOT  take the place of notifying the police of an emergency or suspicious activity!


If it is an emergency or suspicious activity----
DIAL 911 FIRST and have Law Enforcement respond


ALL ALERT systems are specifically to be used as a tool of communication between Churches

and to help keep the Church body as a whole with the intent to notify of any shared concerns and share safety information.