National Church Safety Network  was established for the purpose of  protecting the sheep in an ever changing world.  Through many years of extensive research and prayer, we are privileged to present this comprehensive training program and networking opportunity  to you.

As CEO and Founder of NCSN, Sgt. Brian Donnelly combined his diverse background in American Red Cross, EMT, his service in Law Enforcement for over 41 years, Instructor and Specialist in the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners and his training at Bob Jones University in Church Administration in order to provide a comprehensive and complete course for the purpose of decreasing the church’s vulnerability.  Due to growing safety concerns and the burden placed upon their hearts for Church safety, Sgt. Donnelly and his wife, Christine, wrote a practical training program to provide safety awareness issues to the Church.

While   serving   in   numerous  coalitions  and   volunteer   work,  Brian  and  Christine  have   many  opportunities to teach crime preventive programs throughout the community of Greenville and across the United States.  Their title as the Dynamic Duo embodies the dedication and the inseparable unity that they have enjoyed as a husband and wife team for over 37 years.

As a shared ministry before Brian was called home to be with his Lord, Christine had been provided with many opportunities for training and certification with Brian, which has provided her with the tools and the inspiration to continue on in their legacy.   Christine is honored to serve and continue this ministry with this practical training program along with a vision of future Church networking.

May the Lord be glorified through this ministry and in  "p r o t e c t i n g   the    s h e e p."