National Church Safety Network

[NCSN] is the FIRST national exclusive website
for Churches to network together while joining
us in a united and formidable stand while 
"p r o t e c t i n g    the   s h e e p." 


provides distinctive features for members
that will give Churches from around the nation
a convenient, centrally located resource
to network together over safety concerns.


is about customizing your
practical  training, assisting your safety teams by
providing a Church networking community
and resources for your Church safety ministry.




Check out some of the specialized training resources you will receive as a NCSN member.



It is the mission of the National Church Safety Network (NCSN) to provide training, resources, and networking to local churches to protect their congregation. Every congregation is different. Every facility is different. Every church has different needs. It is our mission to support local churches with ideas that will allow them to effectively create their own teams according to their needs.
"Its all about  p r o t e c t i n g   the   s h e e p."
John 10:1-10


Attend an online or onsite training hosted by NCSN.

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